Basic Concepts of Pharmacology (N322)


Course Memo

 Basic Concepts of Pharmacology
The focus is on understanding nursing assessment and interventions associated with administering drug therapy. The fundamental concepts of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics are explored.
Course Student Learning Outcome’s (SLOs):

  • Apply knowledge of pathophysiology to identify appropriate drug therapies.
  • Explain the therapeutic and side effects of selected drugs for each major classification with a focus on high-alert drugs and patient safety.
  • Describe the effects of common drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-herb interactions in patients across the lifespan.
  • Use dosage calculation skills to accurately calculate oral and parenteral dosages for patients across the lifespan.
  • Identify evidence-based nursing assessments and interventions associated with administering drug therapy.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Semester 1 courses; may take before or concurrently with N321. *RN-BSN students may take N322 in semester 3 or 4.

Assigned Books